Build A Better Block Community Bus Shelters

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Build A Better Block Community Bus Shelters

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Wanona Satcher

Why did you choose this specific location and who is affected by it?


The residents noticed that many of our bus stops in the city, especially in low-wealth areas have no shelters, no places to sit and find comfort waiting for the bus! My Innovation Center, a food truck owner and concerned residents partnered to create two shelters in two neighborhoods. Our DIY shelter project is growing supporters!

Is this something others can do in their own neighborhoods?


Yes! It's highly replicable. All it takes is deciding on the problem, finding the solution, picking best practices, partnering and marketing.

What did you do and how did you do it? (Step-by-step instructions are awesome!)

We made one shelter out of bamboo and the other out of wood-carved flowers. After several meetings with residents and researching creative reuse projects our creative residents (none of which are transit specialists) sketched the shelters, worked with me to find partners, asked for material donations and then set a schedule to build. We highlighted our efforts and workdays on twitter and Facebook pages as well as community canvassing.

What made you come up with this idea? Share inspiration, or the story of how inspiration struck.


The problem of no shelters + standing elderly + no City budget for new bus shelters + and creative reuse led by residents. Each bus shelter reflects each neighborhood. We hope to do one every year.

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Many of our residents sit on top of grocery carts, trash cans, or on the grass and we found those situations unacceptable! We're getting better ever year! Join us!

by wajisa22
over 2 years ago | Reply

We go back throughout the year to make sure the structure is still stable or needs some TLC!

by wajisa22
over 2 years ago | Reply

Check us out @B3Durham or!/pages/Build-a-Better-Block/222072414587180?fref=ts

by wajisa22
over 2 years ago | Reply

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Build A Better Block Community Bus Shelters
Build A Better Block Community Bus Shelters

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